Why making a website that converts instantly is important

Why making a website that converts instantly is important

In the digital age we live in having a website is more important then ever. Having a website doesn’t guarantee sales to your business though in a competitive market. Studies show that 55% of people spend 15 seconds or lesson a website while looking for goods and services. So why is this important? Over half the time you only have 15 seconds to really sell your product and wow the audience.

What Garden Grove Web Design does to achieve this goal?

  • Quick conversions with instant call to actions
  • Mobile responsive designs that help wow a customer on phones, tablets, or desktop computers
  • Streamlined contact forms to instantly get customer information so your business can follow up and close the deal
  • Search Engine Optimization so your business will show at the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook, or Instagram
  • Slick designs that are pleasing to the eye and make customers feel good. We use color theory for different industries to maximize conversions
  • Constant engagement through the website. We draw attention to your social media accounts, sales pages and anything you are currently promoting

What makes Garden Grove Web Design different from other companies?

  • We listen to our customers and cater to their demands. But we also know what it takes to make a great website and will give our expert advice
  • We design your website on a budget. We don’t run a large firm with a huge overhead and bloated management. We can afford to make your website cheaper
  • We are Southern California locals born and raised. Many companies outsource their work overseas and the quality of work is less then ideal
  • We guarantee your happiness and success. We are real people, running a real business, who know how to make your business a sucess

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